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San Francisco

San Francisco’s hills, Victorian houses, tropical foliage, taquerias and gay pride wooed me until I fell in love with it this weekend. I want to express a particular appreciation for San Francisco’s Desi Dyke community. I attended their brunch on dyke day and

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more touring

I went to Hamilton Pride for the first time last week, and read there along with Elizabeth Ruth and Sky Gilbert. It was a beautiful, sunny day and Hamiltonians know how to choose a good location for Pride; we were

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Parkdale Pride

I read last night at Parkdale Pride at the Parkdale Community Health Centre. I love the place. I once co-facilitated a group for lesbians there and more recently co-ran an anti-oppression training with staff and board members of the centre.

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post-launch high

Well, I am on a post-launch high. It’s been an amazing and busy few days: last minute CBC interviews, launch details, a new hairdo, a standing-room-only launch night and then a trip to Winnipeg to read at their Pride Coffee

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The books have arrived

The UPS guy looked a little bothered when I excitedly asked “want to know what’s in the boxes?” I told him “it’s my novel, it’s my novel!” I must have bounced a little on the tips of my toes.  He

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