DesiLit Writers’ Stage

I have just had my first experience co-curating a literary stage at a major festival! We had 24 performers in 7 performances, interactive writing exercises, a writers’ workshop and contest giveaways. It was busy! And we successfully managed to draw large crowds, competing with the singing, dancing and varied entertainment programmed on the other Masala!Mehndi!Masti! stages.

Although I’ve organized many of my own readings, I truly got a first hand taste for what it means to organize something way bigger, and to be on the other side of the writer/curator table. I vow to be much more patient with curators when they take awhile to get back to me or when some kind of technical glitch interferes with a reading!

So now that MMM is done for this year, I’m back to my own writing. I’ve started sending out my second novel to early readers to get feedback, and then the next step is to do more revisions and then seek an agent. Wish me luck!

Upcoming events

Here are some upcoming events:

July 16th, McMaster Alumni Book Club is reading Stealing Nasreen, 7-8:30pm, University Club, Alumni Room. New members welcome. Info and to register:

July 19th, Toronto Women’s Bookstore BBQ. I’ll be reading sometime around 1pm. Here’s the Facebook link:

July 22, Pride Literary Night at Seven Night Club, London Ontario: I’ll be reading with Elizabeth Ruth and John Miller

July 26/27: I’m one of the organizers for the DesiLit Writers’ Stage at Masala!Mehndi!Masti! Come check it out! We have a fabulous line-up for kids and adults, writing activities and lots of contest giveaways! omwww.masalamehndimasti.c


I’ve been busy lately co-organizing the Writers’ Stage at Masala! Mehndi! Masti!, the largest South Asian festival in Canada, held at Exhibition Place (Better Living Centre) in Toronto. Here are the details:

The Masala! Mehndi! Masti! DesiLit Writers’ Stage focuses on the work of writers (fiction, poetry, non-fiction), storytellers and spoken word artists

The stage will be open on July 26th and July 27th and will have programming for adults and children, including interactive writing activities for all ages, stellar performances and lots of contest giveaways. Check out the Toronto Women’s Bookstore and our Writers’ and Reader’s tables.

Go to to check the program schedule.

Want to volunteer with us? Contact

We have some very cool community partners who are providing their materials and swag at our Readers and Writers’ Table: Humber Schol for Writers, Open Book Toronto, World Literacy of Canada, The Writers Union of Canada, Frontier College, Canada Council for the Arts, Sumach Press, Key Porter Books and many more!