Self-Promotion From the Inside Out: Emotional and Practical Strategies to Promote Your Own Business

Just beginning to plan a project, or looking to develop an already established one?   Promoting your novel, an artistic endeavour, or a small business?

I’m facilitating a workshop at Wine, Women and Philosophy , a retreat centre for women near Ottawa and Montreal.

This experiential workshop weekend will help us examine common fears and emotional barriers that women face when it comes to promoting themselves.  We share our practical strategies, promotional plans and develop a network to maintain progress. We talk about how to use events, e-mail, Facebook, Google, websites, blogs, creative partnerships and support networks to promote our work. We come away from this weekend with renewed confidence in ourselves and in our projects.

The workshop takes place within a beautiful centre on a private lake and 22 acres of hiking trails. Wine pairings, decadent food and wonderful company accompany this weekend.

Join us! For more info, contact: