Over the last couple of years, I’ve been writing a novel with a ghost character. This has led me to ponder my dead mother’s spirit. She sometimes feels close to me, but sometimes I’m not so sure. A few days ago, my partner and I asked our dead parents to give us a “sign” if they were near.

Later that day a woman I haven’t seen in 33 years contacted me through this website. She’d long lost touch with my family, but had been thinking about us for years. She wrote:

Hello Farzana
If the above mentioned people [names were in the subject line] are your parents (mother now deceased) I would love to hear from you.
Banu died a long time ago in Oshawa, Ont. and I lost touch with your father … If the connection is correct, I have to tell you that your Mom asked if she could name you Farzana because she liked my name. We all lived in Livingstone, Zambia at the same time and they moved to Halifax, then to Oshawa. Would love to know if you are the same little girl.           Farzana

I’ve since reconnected with my namesake, and perhaps too, with my mother.