Upcoming Events

Invite me to your book club, series or organization’s event!

21/10/15: Woodstock, IFOA Woodstock, 7pm.

24/10/15: Vancouver International Writers Festival, 5pm

25/10/15: Vancouver International Writers Festival, 10:30am

31/10/15: Toronto, IFOA, 12pm.

19/11/15: Bracebridge, Muskoka Canadian Authors Association, 7pm.

24/11/15: Skype call with WILF (Workers Interested in Literature and Food) at the Laurier Brantford Campus, 12pm.

07/12/15: Toronto, Rowers Series, 6:30pm.

31/01/16, Toronto, Junction Writes, 3:30pm.

08/03/16, Hamilton, IWD Event at McMaster University, TBA.

24/04/16, Toronto, The Eh List, North York Public Library, 7pm


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