Upcoming Events

Invite me to your book club, series or organization’s event!


20/03/16, Toronto, Junction Writes, 5pm.

29/03/16, Toronto, Art Bar, 8pm.

10/04/16, Hamilton, gritLIT, “How To Be Your Own Editor” (workshop), 11:30am.

15/04/16, Ottawa, Writers’ Festival, 6:30pm

17/04/16, Kingston, Horizon’s, 2pm

30/04/16 Toronto, Authors for Indies, Another Story, 1pm.

01/05/16, Ajax, Ontario Writers’ Conference, “Can’t Go Under It, Can’t Go Over It…” (workshop on writers’ blocks), 12pm

06/05/16, McMaster University, History, Memory and Grief: A 30th Anniversary Air India Conference, 4:30pm

08/05/16, Festival of Literary Diversity, Brampton, noon.

24/05/16, Toronto, The Eh List, North York Public Library, 7pm

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