Author and speaker.


Farzana Doctor is a celebrated and highly awarded Canadian author whose books are often seen on numerous 'best-of' lists every year.


All Inclusive

Stealing Nasreen

Six Metres of Pavement

Dundurn author @farzanadoctor was on a panel last night to discuss FGM at the Toronto Premiere of "In The Name of Your Daughter" at Hoc Docs. @HotDocsCinema @SpeakoutonFGM

Tonight I repped @SpeakoutonFGM and @CanadaFgm on a panel moderated by @PetronilaMicha7 β€œ#FGM: An Issue for #Canada?” after @GisellePortenie’s beautiful @itnoydfilm screening along with Giselle, Jacobet Wambayi (Uzima) and Dr. Daly (St. Joe’s). #myisseutooCanada #EndFGM #EndFGC

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