Author and speaker.


Farzana Doctor is a celebrated and highly awarded Canadian author whose books are often seen on numerous 'best-of' lists every year.


All Inclusive

Stealing Nasreen

Six Metres of Pavement

Listen to @KlaraHillmann, one of our founding members, discussing her research on #Canadian #FGM policy and practice and why we decided to create the End FGM/C Canada Network. #endfgm #myissuetoo

Review of THAT TIME I LOVED YOU in New York Times! Pinch me.

Beautifullly written moment of #FGM catharsis. So important to share so honored to read. It’s why it’s crucial to #EndFGM These stories must become history.

Very interesting conversation about #grief and physical #pain, and healing through #Feldenkrais with my older sister, Fariya Doctor.

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