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All the "it's better here" folx need to look in the mirror. We had the lowest voter turnout in recent history. There are conservative leaders here who align themselves with right wing agendas, namely dropping protections & freedoms for the most vulnerable.

It’s @kristynwongtam’s birthday and they don’t like a fuss. So don’t make them a giant birthday card, follow them around the Trans March and sing happy birthday whenever you see them.

Today I swore my Oath in front of my wife, parents, friends and The Clerk as the first Asian-Canadian queer, non-binary person to be elected to Queen's Park. Forever and a day I will cherish this special moment. Thank you to the great people of #TorCen. We made history together!


At 8:41 a.m. this morning the Air India bombing memorial sundial in Humber Bay Park marked, as it does every June 23rd, the time here that corresponds with solar noon on the Irish coast where the plane exploded. The largest mass killing in Canadian history.

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