Farzana Doctor is a celebrated and award-winning Canadian author and speaker whose books are often seen on  'best-of' lists each year. Read more

Tremendous Paget-Hoy Lecture by @farzanadoctor. Speaking about vulnerability & writing, she led us thru many themes in her novels, recited poetry & helped us to learn from her heartfelt experiences as a writer. @UCalgaryArts @UofCEnglish

As we get closer to Feb 6, the International Day of Zero Tolerance for #FGM, we revisit contributions from our members. Here is an article in @MsMagazine by our founder @RanalviMasooma “Can You Deny My Lived Experience of FGM?” https://msmagazine.com/2020/03/31/can-you-deny-my-lived-experience-of-fgm/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare #endFGM

Still time to register for tonight's @UofCEnglish Paget Hoy talk with @farzanadoctor!

"how a writer can use vulnerability as a strength while being aware of one’s boundaries and the potential pitfalls of sharing truths and traumas in writing"

https://events.ucalgary.ca/arts/english/#!view/event/event_id/397450 https://twitter.com/UofCEnglish/status/1478473702215860230

UofC English@UofCEnglish

Jan 20, Paget Hoy Speaker- Farzana Doctor
Discussion: Vulnerability in Writing

Farzana Doctor is a Toronto-based author, activist and a psychotherapist and author of 4 critically acclaimed novels.

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