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We need to #BringBackMasks ourselves because politicians have lost interest in protecting our community. #CovidIsntOver

#LongCovid happens to at least 20% of us. Wear N95/KN95 masks. Open windows/use Hepa filters.

Info: https://sustainablesong.medium.com/an-open-letter-to-every-in-person-invitation-14a05d9a553e


Just a Reminder: when you go shopping @LoblawsON made record profits last year and paid ~15% in taxes on them #Greedflation not your wages are driving inflation

If you've managed to avoid a covid infection when most of the country has gotten infected, I salute you. Let's get through the holidays together now.👏
✅ Ventilation
✅ N95
✅ Booster
✅ RATs
✅ Room filter

Canada's Healthcare Crisis:

Pediatric hospice discharges respite patients, so staff are redeployed to children's hospital where there's not enough staff for the surge in patients

Dr. @JVipondmd says he doesn't recognize the society he's living in

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