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Farzana Doctor is a celebrated and award-winning Canadian author whose books are often seen on  'best-of' lists each year year. Read more


Almost daily, for the last 2 weeks, since SEVEN’s release, I’ve been talking about the novel in interviews.

I’ve also been talking about #khatna, an issue shrouded in silence, shame and secrecy.

It’s our #FGM #MeToo moment and I am grateful to be a part of it.


In the latest episode, Ben chats with @farzanadoctor about the process she went through writing her book, Seven. Did she face fear? In fact, she was nervous about putting the spotlight on herself.

"Go for the taboo subjects. Authors have the ability to shift the status quo, to shift culture. People are reading our words so let's make our words matter." @farzanadoctor on sharing our narratives. Thx Farzana & @fionaross15 for an amazing discussion! #theauthorsbookclub

A big thx to everyone who attended our Plots & Pandemic Author Meet & Greet with the lovely @farzanadoctor! We had a great chat abt Farzana's newest book, SEVEN, and a lot more. We will be sharing a highlights video on our Youtube channel. Stay tuned.

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