Farzana Doctor is a celebrated and award-winning Canadian author and speaker whose books are often seen on  'best-of' lists each year. Read more

At my health centre they give kids “I was brave!” stickers for needles. Tbh I think people with cervixes deserve a Snickers after a pap.

Congrats to the 2021 cohort accepted into #BIPOCWritersConnect! These talented authors are thrilled to work with Black, Indigenous and racialized emerging writers across Canada at our virtual mentorship conference next week! http://ow.ly/gH3e50B7wjC

YouthWrite knows it’s important to listen to, learn from, and celebrate Muslim voices. We’re spending Canadian Islamic History Month sharing work from truly incredible authors.
Today, take a look at The Unquiet Dead by @ausmazehanat and Seven by @farzanadoctor

Congrats @sawpoet on the release of WHY I WAS LATE and thanks for the most entertaining book club meeting ever. Your workshop inspired a new poem about bleeding through my corduroys that I might even edit and share with the world. Yay for embarrassing 🩸!
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