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Farzana Doctor is a celebrated and award-winning Canadian author whose books are often seen on  'best-of' lists each year year. Read more


SO EXCITED for this week's blog post, featuring a review of @farzanadoctor's SEVEN by @Jackosadebamwen, a guest post by the INCREDIBLE @laurellizabeth about multi-POV writing, and shoutouts to @flammablewords and @doctheagrif! #WritingCommunity

SIGH. Re: bad faith trending topics, TW for violent sexual assault.
Paul Bernardo, Robert Pickton and Bruce McArthur are not arguments against abolition of police or prison.

Every single one of those predators benefited from police prejudice: misogyny, racism, homophobia.

Bean and I supporting the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice @ccncsj's campaign.

Visit for info and resources on how to #stopthespreadofracism.

The 10 year anniversary edition of my first book, GOD LOVES HAIR, is out next month! ✂️✂️✂️



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