Half of a cross country tour! Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver

By a stroke of luck and the help of friends, my next round of touring will take me across the country in a way that almost seems coordinated! Thanks to The Dundurn Group, The Writers Union of Canada, and the Vancouver International Writers Festival for helping me with my travel costs. And of course, thanks to the organizers of these events for making it all happen.

If you’re in Montreal, Edmonton, or Vancouver, come say hello!

The [Not-So] Local Legends Reading Series, Wednesday October 19th, 2011 / Doors @ 7pm, Starts at 7:30pm promptly, The Concordia Co-op Bookstore, 2150 Bishop Street, Montreal (Metro Guy-Concordia)

Exposure, Queer Arts Festival, Edmonton, Thursday, October 20th, 6:30-8pm, Leva Bar

Vancouver International Writers’ Festival, Saturday October 22, 2pm and 8pm. I’ll be  on two different panels. Check out the fest’s full schedule here.

Back from Montreal

I had a terrific visit to Montreal this past weekend. BIG thanks to Trish Salah and Yasmine Amor of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, who invited me. Also thanks to the 2110 Centre who hosted and the Concordia Coop Bookstore who set up the book table. And I am very pleased to have received financial assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts through the Writers’ Union of Canada.

I always find the discussion part of readings to be the most fun and interesting. People usually ask a variety of questions, and now that I’ve done over 50 readings in 25 cities, I’ve heard many interesting questions that have made me pause and think on my feet. The Montreal discussion continued for over 40 minutes with queries about unrequited love, political pedagogy in fiction, and the complexities about writing about one’s own ethno-racial and religious communities. What fun!

I have 4 more readings in November, one of my busiest book promo months since Stealing Nasreen came out. I hadn’t expected this; usually the first 6 months after a book’s release are the most frenetic. I’ve learned so much about book and self-promotion since June, 2007 and the biggest lesson seems to be that it is unpredictable…

If you’re in the DC area, hope to see you at the Outwrite Author Series