All Inclusive’s US Release!

I have some good news! All Inclusive will be released in the US on August 5th.

You can find reviews and a synopsis here (the book’s been out in Canada for over a year).

I’m hoping to promote the book through a few events in the fall, as well as by Skyping into book clubs and doing some media/blog interviews. If you are in book club, invite me! My publisher has a book club guide and will offer a free book to the book club’s host.


All Inclusive is a Kobo Best Books of the Year!

I’m thrilled that All Inclusive has been selected as one of Kobo CA’s Best Books of the year, in the Canadian Favourites category (and it’s in very excellent company)! Kobo folks will receive double Kobo points when purchasing any best-of-the-year title.

See more here.

New review by Jeanne Duperreault

“Altogether, an absorbing read. Farzana Doctor has used humour, heartache, joy and eroticism, to produce a compelling story of self-discovery with characters that we cheer on as they struggle towards a satisfactory conclusion.”

Thanks to Jeanne Duperreault for this review! Read more here. 

Daily XTRA! review

Thanks to Scott Dagostino for this review of All Inclusive.

In the worlds that Farzana Doctor creates, ordinary people are wondrous and complicated, and all these things that divide us — countries, professions, sexualities, genders, races — are mere distractions from what truly matters. Her stories ring true enough to think our world could be that way too. One can only hope.

Read more here.

First review of All Inclusive!

A first review of All Inclusive is in! Thanks to Kelly Beers at The Avid Reader Magazines & Books, Cobourg:
Great characters, excellent plot & true substance. A great (& compulsive) read. I cannot wait to sell it in October… True thanks for the work- your novel is smart, sassy, bittersweet & joyful. The way in which you dealt with the [tragedy] is deft & sublime.