Jamaican family reunion and my upcoming tour

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jamaica-2.jpg  I have just come back from a week in Jamaica, where I participated in my partner’s family’s family reunion. It was terrific to be amongst the Nicholson clan— to relax, meet extended family and eat really good food (yay Island Grill!).  The family was lots of fun, and to quote one of the in-laws after a very long and boisterous road trip , “this should inspire your next novel”.

I’m grateful for a vacation in the middle of this book tour planning. It’s been a busy time…For more details see this piece I just wrote for QSanAntonio about my upcoming tour…have a look: http://www.qsanantonio.com/qsanews/qsapages/focusmain.html

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have been sending me e-mails with such positive feedback for Stealing Nasreen. It’s wonderful to hear, and I welcome readers’ comments anytime. Comment on my blog or send me an e-mail.

Hope to see you next week in Texas, New Orleans, or Columbus!

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