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NEW! A glossary is now available! 

Is your book club reading Stealing Nasreen? If so, I’d be happy to speak with your group either in person or over a speaker phone! 

Check out the “where I’m reading next” tab for updates on places I’ll be reading next.

You can find copies of Stealing Nasreen at local booksellers and libraries. Try the independent bookstores first!

You can also order the novel online through Amazon (I have some direct links on my web page: , or direct from the publisher ( ) or through the Toronto Women’s Bookstore (

Booksellers: our distributors are Literary Press Group (Canada) and SPD (US)  


  1. Congrats on coming out! Cant wait to read the novel. The two readings I’ve been privy too so far have been wonderful…definately left me craving for more!

  2. Fabulous to get another glimpse of Farzana-the-author to add to my knowledge of you as a subtle and tender therapist, a quietly implacable activist, and a brilliant
    f-to-femme trans ally. Can’t wait for more of the book!

  3. I look forward to the launching of our book, then I can say I know a real author. I can then purchase the book, read and add to my collection.
    Good luck with the launching!

  4. I used to read your column in Siren Magazine…wrote for them also, back in the day, under a pen name.
    I was so pleased and excited to hear that your first book had come out! From early sound beginnings, greatness later, this way comes! I heard you at a couple of Toronto readings. Just wonderful! Between the first and second times I heard you read, I sought out a copy of your book. Had to start reading a signed copy from the library first. Then at your second reading, bought my own and you kindly signed it, and I flipped the pages with keen excitement to find out how it all turned out. Your flow is easy and gentle, your natural wit refreshing with every page, and the gentle power of the message sneaks up on the reader. Here’s to one of Canada’s Top Queer Writers! Thank-you for showing how normal “we” and “they” all are. A tip of the nib of my pen Doc! So glad to be around in the beginnings….because I think you are going to be a major player in the craft, as the books and pages unfold.

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