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Brockton Summer Festival

I did two very small, but sweet readings this week.

The first was for RyePRIDE, Ryerson University’s queer student association. A total of nine people attended, I read from Stealing Nasreen, and we had a very intimate discussion after–about the writing process, identity, character motivations and touring–with each attendee asking me questions. I really loved the interaction–something that often doesn’t happen at the bigger readings. 

And yesterday I was at the Brockton Triangle Summer Festival, an event organized by and for neighbours of Brockton Village–once again an intimate gathering of neighbours, many of whom approached me to ask questions about the novel and writing it (in the photo, our neighbour’s baby is on “stage” with me).  

This week, I’m off to Philadelphia and New York. If you are in the area, come check them out. You’ll find details in the “where I’m reading next” section.


  1. The photo of Farzana reading at the Brockton Triangle Festival makes it look like she is reading to a baby (mine, by the way) and an otherwise empty audience (ie: the two empty chairs next to her)…there are actually a decent number of folks milling about and listening, trying to stay out of the blistering sun and an attentive cluster of listeners who are braving the direct sunlight to sit in the ‘audience’. It was great to have this reading to round out the display of local creativity and performances.

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