New York and Philly

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I’ve just returned from my New York and Philly Readings.

In New York, I read at Bluestockings ( … a lovely independent bookstore and cafe that is also collectively run.

In Philly, I did two readings in the same evening. First, I read at Giovanni’s Rooom (, a three-story LGBT haven. This bookstore reading was the highlight of the trip. What was most special about that reading was that my nani (my maternal grandmother) was there, sitting in the front row. In fact, about 8 relatives (all in town from my aunt’s wedding),┬ácame to the reading to support me. In addition were some folks I’d met from the Desidyke listserv and a few other people I met for the first time.

Next, I visited Wooden Shoe Books (, a fabulous volunteer-run anarchist bookshop.

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me and came out to the readings. If you are in Philly or New York, make sure to visit these independent bookstores.

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