On the radio with Amita

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I did my very first radio interview for Stealing Nasreen with Amita Handa (Masala Mixx, CLKN 88.1). Amidst the mela of the crowds at Dundas Square and the competing sounds of crying babies, bhangra, dhol players and the MC yelling from the main stage, Amita and I talked about the novel, being kids of immigrants trying to do creative pursuits and being one of the (very) few queer south asian women writing stories about queer south asian women.

My girlfriend recorded it, and back at home, we celebrated with smoothies and listened to the show. I love Masala Mix, and was so excited to be on the air with Amita, who has, with much dedication, been the host of the show for many years. You could hear it in my voice (I get high pitched when I am excited, and sound like a twelve year old).

Listen to her show sometime– www.ckln.fm  Saturdays 4-6pm. 


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