Parkdale Pride

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I read last night at Parkdale Pride at the Parkdale Community Health Centre. I love the place. I once co-facilitated a group for lesbians there and more recently co-ran an anti-oppression training with staff and board members of the centre.

Being a community organizer and social worker, there is something very comfortable about reading at community events in local community centres. I’ve done a few of these types of readings already and they are tend to have some similarities: run-off-their-feet organizers, lots of (sometimes) coordinated volunteers, past clients who come and say hello, old co-workers, a friendly audience, terrific talent.

These events are more than just book readings–they are a means of community engagement. They allow social services and creativity to blend in a way that brings out people of all stripes to participate in the life of the community.

Parkdale Pride


  1. We hope to see you in 2008, between Friday 20 to Friday the 27th., for the annual Queer West Fest which also happens in Parkdale neighbourhood, Queer West, Toronto Ontario

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