Six Metres of Pavement wins a Lammy!

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Wow, that was pretty much the best night of my life. The 24th Annual Lambda Literary Awards was all glam with queer actors, authors and supporters in attendance. I had a fannish moment with Armistead Maupin and got to meet Susan Stinson and Leslea Newman. Ally Sheedy even posed in a photo with me.

Me and Ally Sheedy at the Lammys

The category in which I was short-listed was next-to-last on the night’s agenda, which meant that I sat in a state of mild anxiety all night. Luckily I was flanked by Kristyn Dunnion and Ivan E Coyote (both finalists and talented writers/performers).

When Ally Sheedy announced that Six Metres of Pavement had won, I had one of those surreal moments (dream? reality? am I really supposed to be able to move my legs and walk up to the stage?). I did manage to climb the steps, kiss and handshake the right people, and pull out my crumpled notes.

In my stunned state, I think I added “oh fuck” to the beginning of my acceptance speech. I ended my on-stage ramblings by coming on to (all 3) of the Brooklyn Bois.

Thanks to my friends and family for all their support and well wishes. Most of all thanks to the Lambda Literary Foundation and The Dundurn Group for making this all possible.


  1. I have finally finished reading “Six Metres of Pavement,” and am very glad that I read it not only because it is such an engrossing work; it left me feeling as if I was reading about people who first appeared in M G Vassanji’s “No New Land.” Here, they have matured, settled, are no longer confined to their own community – and, perhaps most importantly, are coping/coming to terms with their inner selves, their sexuality and their selfhood. Also, I absolutely loved the way the city comes to life! You have captured those little neighbourhoods with their distinct personalities so well. It is a book about the new land/city that is taking shape with the Celias, the Ismails and the Fatimas who now inhabit it! Thank you, Farzana Doctor!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me. I treasure feedback like this, especially on difficult writing days.

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