The books have arrived

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The UPS guy looked a little bothered when I excitedly asked “want to know what’s in the boxes?” I told him “it’s my novel, it’s my novel!” I must have bounced a little on the tips of my toes. 

He smiled, wished me well and then sped off in his big brown truck.

I unsealed the boxes, took out a brand new shiny book, sniffed it and was amazed. How to describe the feeling of finally holding this novel, a novel that took 4 years to write, 2 years to find a publisher and 1/2 a year to get to print? I stood in the front hallway of my house, stunned and grateful. It’s finally here, my novel has finally been born!

So come to the the party celebrating it arrival!

Thursday, June 7th, 7pm at the Trane Studio, 964 Bathurst Street, Toronto. See more at:


  1. Congrats on the arrival of your novel, Farzana! Looking forward to your launch partaaaay. BE

  2. Great! I’m on my way. I was just checking that this event is still on. Felicity

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