Updates on the US book tour plans

You’ll see from last week’s post, I was in the midst of book tour designing. It’s been quite a labour intensive process to coordinate our dates and bookstore availability, but I am very close to figuring out the puzzle!

So, I now have readings in 3 Texas cities: Del Rio, San Antonio, and Houston. I’ll also be heading to New Orleans and my sister and I have decided to spend a couple of tourist days in that city, since we’ve never been there and have always wanted to see it.

I’m still working on confirming a second Houston location and finding a Columbus, Ohio venue. I’ll be updating the “where I’m reading next page” on a regular basis, so if you live in any of these places, have a look there. I hope to see you on my book tour!

Planning the next leg of my home-made tour!

200px-thelma_and_louise_poster.jpgMy father is giving my older sister a used car and so she’s asked me to help her drive it from south Texas, where dad lives, back to Ontario. I readily agreed. We’ll have our very own Thelma and Louise trip sans the dramatic sailing-off-the-cliff ending (I hope).

We’re also building in a book tour. So far, we’re booked at the Val Verde County Library on August 16th, the Borders Quarry Market in San Antonio on August 17th, and the Faubourg Marigny Arts and Bookstore in New Orleans on August 19th. For more info: see the “where I am reading next” page.

I’m also cold-calling bookstores in Houston, Atlanta and Columbus, our other planned stops and hoping to have confirmations in those cities as well. If you live in any of those places and have lead, or would like to be added to my mailing list so you can be updated, please let me know. 

New York and Philly

I’ve just returned from my New York and Philly Readings.

In New York, I read at Bluestockings (www.bluestockings.com) … a lovely independent bookstore and cafe that is also collectively run.

In Philly, I did two readings in the same evening. First, I read at Giovanni’s Rooom (www.giovannisroom.com), a three-story LGBT haven. This bookstore reading was the highlight of the trip. What was most special about that reading was that my nani (my maternal grandmother) was there, sitting in the front row. In fact, about 8 relatives (all in town from my aunt’s wedding), came to the reading to support me. In addition were some folks I’d met from the Desidyke listserv and a few other people I met for the first time.

Next, I visited Wooden Shoe Books (www.woodenshoe.org), a fabulous volunteer-run anarchist bookshop.

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me and came out to the readings. If you are in Philly or New York, make sure to visit these independent bookstores.

Local Readings

Brockton Summer Festival

I did two very small, but sweet readings this week.

The first was for RyePRIDE, Ryerson University’s queer student association. A total of nine people attended, I read from Stealing Nasreen, and we had a very intimate discussion after–about the writing process, identity, character motivations and touring–with each attendee asking me questions. I really loved the interaction–something that often doesn’t happen at the bigger readings. 

And yesterday I was at the Brockton Triangle Summer Festival, an event organized by and for neighbours of Brockton Village–once again an intimate gathering of neighbours, many of whom approached me to ask questions about the novel and writing it (in the photo, our neighbour’s baby is on “stage” with me).  

This week, I’m off to Philadelphia and New York. If you are in the area, come check them out. You’ll find details in the “where I’m reading next” section.

Canada Day Writing

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately, so I am very pleased to be home this long weekend. It’s been a time for cleaning, working in the garden, and writing. Yes, writing! You see, for the last 6 months, while I have been working on revisions and edits and promotion for Stealing Nasreen, I needed to put aside my second novel (which was 1/3 completed) and concentrate on Nasreen, Shaffiq and Salma.

I’ve been yearning to get back to the second novel. A brewing story is something hard to let go of. The main characters Ismail and Cecilia have been with me all this time, tugging at my sleeve, patiently scolding me to come back to them.

It will be an interesting experience, I think, promoting one book, while turning my head to the second…