Holiday Sales and New Books in 2024

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 Holiday Sale Discounts!

Head over to my publishers’ websites and use these coupon codes at checkout:

25% off at Dundurn Press with ‘Holiday23’ (for Six Metres of Pavement, All Inclusive & Seven)

30% off at Inanna Books,  with ‘Holiday23’ (for Stealing Nasreen)

30% off at Freehand Books, with ‘GiftFreehand’ *plus free shipping over $35* (for You Still Look The Same)




52 Weeks to a Sweeter Life for Caregivers, Activists and Helping Professionals: A Workbook of Emotional Hacks, Self-Care Experiments and Other Good Ideas

This new workbook explores self-care and community care from an inside-out and collective approach. Each week, there’s a simple, practical idea or experiment to try, with optional deeper dives.

Written for the caregivers, activists, community leaders, mental health and medical professionals who are the first to help others, but the last to seek help themselves.

As an activist, community organizer and social worker, Farzana Doctor has preached self-care to hundreds of people struggling with burnout and exhaustion. But for years she couldn’t manage to take her own advice.

Many other helpers she knew were the same: they knew the signs of burnout, and they understood the science of self-care. Maybe they’d taken workshops on vicarious trauma; maybe they’d even taught them. But still they struggled to escape the cycle of overwork, overwhelm and recovery. 52 Weeks to a Sweeter Life is a workbook that speaks directly to these people—and anyone who struggles to pause, set boundaries and centre their own needs.

Click here to pre-order now!


DEAL NEWS Author of Amnesty International Book Club's 2020 Reader's Choice Pick, SEVEN, Farzana Doctor's THE BEAUTY OF US, a campus-based YA that tackles the complexities of consent, racism, power-dynamics, social anxiety, and the struggles with sexuality faced by a feisty group of teens - all girls of colour - while they solve a mystery at their boarding school in the 1980's, to Pia Singhal at ECW, in a nice deal, by Rachel Letofsky at CookeMcDermid (World, All). Rights: CAD Cooke McDermid


I’m excited to announce that my 7th book, a YA novel, will be coming Fall 2024!

The Beauty of Us  takes place at a private boarding school in the ’80’s and is about a group of BIPOC girls who solve a mystery and catch an abuser.

It’s fiction, but inspired by the one weird year I spent at a boarding school when I was fifteen.

Watch for announcements from ECW Press!




photo of the You Still Look The Same audiobook cover. It's multicoloured with four cutouts of eyes looking in different directions. Read by the author and Ulka Simone MohantyAnd finally, a request! When You Still Look The Same came out last spring, I commissioned an audiobook. I wanted a version that would be accessible and aural, even to folks who don’t read much poetry. It’s narrated by Ulka Simone Mohanty and me. I think it’s quite beautifully produced!

Listen to a sample here.

Now, I’m trying to get the word out. Can you help?
Please ask your local library to purchase a copy. If they already have it, place a hold and borrow! It’ll be on Overdrive or Libby or whatever platform you currently use to borrow e-books and audiobooks through your local library system. It’s available worldwide.
And please don’t hesitate to ask me to do the same if you’re trying to promote a book. It takes a village.

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